I'm doing my best to balance being a Mom, and running my own business. It has been my greatest joy and biggest challenge to date. Give your Mom a hug and thank her!  


My clients come to me with complex problems. They may have ideas, a sense of the style and goals for the audience, but they are looking for a short term partner to bring their idea to life. They need a creative problem solver, they need results and unique image(s). This process usually begins with key questions and active listening on my part. As the project advances I aim to guide, consult, flex and in some cases direct to keep us moving toward the goal. There are times when I have consulted on early stages only (collaborating on art direction) to help my clients decide how they want to proceed, both logistically and creatively. 

Once we have aligned on the scope of the project, I get to work. In preparation for a photo shoot, I consider every detail. From the catering, lighting, props, scheduling, workflow, every aspect is tailored for the client and their project needs. Working with a freelance crew allows me to hire the best team for the job. I have a roster of talented producers, stylists, and assistants to work with. I look for people who are hard working, talented but above all else, kind. I believe that the best work is made in an environment where people aren’t afraid to ask questions, where ego is checked at the door. 

When the shoot is underway, the process continues, listening, guiding, remaining objective, balancing time and quality. My personal goal is that my clients feel comfortable on set, confident in my capabilities, reassured in their perspective, and at the end of the can present something they are proud of. My years of experience, knowhow, and preparation allows me to deliver what is expected time and time again. 

After a shoot is complete, images are sent with accordance to the timeline laid out. All images are immediately archived. I like to keep in touch with my clients and make sure the feedback was as expected. I try to remain open and am always looking for ways large and small that I can improve my process. 

Client List Ohio

AGAR Agency

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Cincinnati Magazine

Cleveland Magazine

Edible Columbus

Edible Ohio Valley


Frisch's Big Boy

Getty Images

Hearst Media

HGTV Magazine



Laura Laureto



Saatchi X

SBC Advertising

Client List New York

Calvin Klein Home


Dyson Electronics

Edible Brooklyn

Elgot Kitchens and Bath

Gilt Groupe

Hello Fresh

Hemispheres Magazine

Holly Hunt

Kate Spade

MAC Cosmetics

Maybelline Cosmetics


Milly Kids

One Fine Stay

Rhapsody Magazine

Saatchi & Saatchi

Steven Alan

Time Out New York

TONY'S Chocolonely 

Tory Burch


Marlene Rounds is a Cincinnati-based photographer with 15+ years of experience working on commercial and editorial assignments in product, fashion and food. After honing her craft in Chicago and New York City assisting influential industry professionals, notably Chris Buck, Larry Fink and Dan Saelinger, Marlene went on to shoot for some of the city’s most recognizable luxury brands. Past clients include Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Steven Alan, Express, Calvin Klein Home, Holly Hunt, Maybelline and MAC Cosmetics, Gilt Groupe, Dyson Electronics and Hearst Publications.

Marlene's keen attention to detail and commitment to excellence carry through every aspect of her production, balancing uncompromising quality with sincere curiosity for her subjects. She is committed to raising the bar for not only what a shoot can produce but also how it can make people feel, aiming to create rewarding environments and captivating images that inspire.

Marlene Rounds is delighted to support her hometown’s creative renaissance with her skill, knowledge and expertise. She is available for local, domestic and international assignments.


917 753 3772

2141 Central Parkway, Cincinnati Ohio 45214


Travel is an investment in the soul, it teaches us that our way is not the only way of being. As Americans, we are influenced by culture from around the world, and it is a privilege to experience it first hand. The following destinations have deepened my perspective, and provided a source for inspiration in life as well as work. 

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda

Canada, Montreal

Czechia, Prague

Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

France, Paris

Ireland, Dublin, Cork, Kenmare, Tralee

Italy, Florence, Rome

Japan, Ishigaki, Tokyo, Mt.Hakone, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Shirakawago, Ome

Mexico, Yucatan Region - Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Poland, Karpacz

Spain, Barcelona

Taiwan, Taipei and countryside 



2009-2011         Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business, Management and Economics, concentration Management, Empire State                                          University, New York, NY

2001-2003        Associate Degree, Commercial Photography, Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology, Dayton, OH

1996-2001        Visual Art and Fine Art Photography, The School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, OH               


2015-Present   Freelance Commercial Photographer, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH (client list below)

2009-2015        Freelance Commercial Photographer, New York, NY (client list below)

2007-2009       Freelance Photo Assistant, Digital Tech and Retouching, Chris Buck Photo, New York, NY

2007-2009       Freelance Photo Assistant and Digital Tech, Larry Fink Photography, New York, NY

2005-2008       Freelance Photo Assistant and Digital Tech, Dan Saelinger Visuals, New York, NY

2005-2007       Freelance Photo Assistant, Ann Stratton Photography, New York, NY

2003-2005      Freelance Photo Assistant and Digital Tech, Steve Grubman Photography, Chicago, IL

2003-2005      Freelance Photo Assistant and Digital Tech, Andrea Mandel Photography, Chicago, IL

2004-2005      Sales Associate, Apple Computers, Chicago, IL

2003-2005      Freelance Photo Assistant, Scott Payne Photography, Chicago, IL

2003-2005      Freelance Photo Assistant, Crate & Barrel, Chicago, IL

2003-2004      Freelance Photo Assistant, VSA Partners, Chicago, IL

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